Happy Hump Day! I am so sorry I have been absent and remiss from responding to emails and doing blogs and audios. My life has been a bit topsy-turvy, but not in a horrible way or anything. Ms. Will is well, she is, I think, completely on the mend. I guess I should have told you all earlier, but it just slipped my mind, honestly. Since around mid-October, I would say, I just stopped wearing underwear of any kind whenever the mood strikes. No panties, no bras, nothing. When I feel like really having fun when I go out and about, I just wear these really thin yoga pants and a similarly thin blouse and just act like I own the world.  I have also been dabbling (again) with temperature play, specifically, gentle heat. OMG. I will literally, not figuratively, put things near or on my pussy that are warm (like my morning coffee cup: MEOW!). I also love to stand in front of the sliding glass window in my south-facing bedroom and feel the sun on my boobs. I honestly think I am a frustrating nudist, haha! But seriously, Ms. Will broke the bank on shoes and lingerie for me this Christmas, so I am also swimming in lace and finery over here! My very favorite are a pair of rose gold, super-shiny, Steve Madden heels. They are to die for! I am in love with them and I have a matching pair of lacy panties and luscious push-up bra to match. So far, 2019 has gotten off to a rockin’ good start!  😀

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