May I just say, it’s been a real treat getting to sign on when I can. 🙂 I just had a really good time with a gentleman who is into control-top, pantyhose-covered, ass cheeks We had a really nice time setting up the scene and then absolutely savoring our sexy time together. I have missed being naughty on the phone (the naughty never really leaves me, no matter what I am doing, haha!). And I am developing a whole lot of pent-up ROAR for when you decide it’s time for a Courtney visit. What is ROAR? Well, you know that lion that roars at the beginning of the movies? I have a lot of that in me. I am having to draw from this amazing and patient place, just to manage my current situation (which is getting better and better by the day). A by-product of having to be so patient and loving when I want to scream and run away is that I have a ton of built-up energy that I save just for you, my pets! I have been developing a muscle that is very strong and can be used for you, with you, or against you, depending on what gets you rock hard. It’s actually kind of an amazing journey I’ve been on, of late. I don’t get to sign on to take calls near as often as I would like, however, when I do sign on, it feels so fucking good just to talk dirty with you, let alone having the chance to fulfill your deepest desires. What fun!  As far as where I am personally speaking, we are winding down with regard to this last round of treatments for Ms. Will, so expect to see more of me in the future! I’ve missed you!

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