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Masturbation Addict: Could YOU Be One?

Masturbation Addict:  If You Have a Small Penis, You May Be One

Masturbation Addict: Do you think all men with small penises are chronic masturbators?  I sure do!  Being a chronic masturbator is one of the options men with small penises have for sexual play and release.   The man with a small penis becomes . . . → Read More: Masturbation Addict: Could YOU Be One?

Sunday Celebration of Sex!

A Celebration of Sex?

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Or should I say, Happy Eostre!  No, I didn’t spell that wrong, it’s the celebration of sex!  Yep, this day has been adopted by the church, like many pagan holidays, and it really represents the bounty of creation, and life springing forth during the spring!  How wonderful . . . → Read More: Sunday Celebration of Sex!