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Gay Porn, Heat and Flowers?

You’re Almost There!

Ahhh, Thursday!   You almost made it to the weekend!  Just hang in there, you only have one more day to go, Bucko Bob!  Again, if you have to work on the weekends, well you are in good company, and if you need some release, come and find me!  😀

Homophobes Most . . . → Read More: Gay Porn, Heat and Flowers?

Kinkier Pastures?

It’s All Good

Hey everyone out in phone sex land!  I hope this blog post finds you living large and loving life!  I have been a very busy phone sex Mistress lately!  But it’s all good!

What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

It’s been quite an interesting summer, to say the least.  Good . . . → Read More: Kinkier Pastures?