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Verbal Humiliation Saturday Tomorrow!

Verbal Humiliation Saturday?  Bring IT ON, BABY!

Verbal humiliation Saturday tomorrow!  Ahhhh, Saturday!  We all love Saturdays, am I right?  If you find yourself all alone this Saturday, with time on your hands to play, call me for some verbal humiliation!  You know they say idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and many of you . . . → Read More: Verbal Humiliation Saturday Tomorrow!

Erotic Humiliation Weekend is Here!

Happy Erotic Humiliation Weekend, Everyone!

Erotic humiliation weekend!  Another weekend is upon us!  Hooray!  I hope you are all having great weekends!  It’s been an great week for me.  Lots of fun, especially with some public humiliation that I’ve been having one of my little subbies do for me!  Oh my.  I had that little bitch masturbating . . . → Read More: Erotic Humiliation Weekend is Here!