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A Good Anal Toy Can Produce Hands-Free Orgasms

A Brand-New Anal Toy for Hands-free Orgasms!

Anal toy: I had such a fun time today with a new caller who wanted a hands-free orgasm with his brand new anal toy, the Aneros.  I was explaining to him that if his Kegel muscles are strong, that he probably could achieve a hands-free orgasm. And . . . → Read More: A Good Anal Toy Can Produce Hands-Free Orgasms

Prostate Play Date!

Prostate Play Was on the Menu Today!

Prostate play:  it’s an ass-fucking good time!  I got this email in my inbox today from naughty Billy BEGGING me for some prostate play:  “Ms. Courtney,   I think I need your help.  I went to a local sex shop and got this vibrating toy with a curve . . . → Read More: Prostate Play Date!