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8 comments to Live Help Desk

  • Paul

    Mistress Courtney talks about the use of a webcam. Does this mean I will be able to see her during our conversation, or will she just be able to see me?


  • Courtney

    No, I don’t do cam shows. 🙂

  • Will

    Im a new sissy looking for a mistress, I live in the dorms and still depend on my parents for most of my expenses, whats the best way to find a mistree

  • Courtney

    Are you looking for a real-time Domme or online/phone? If you are looking for RT, try googling the word “Munch” and your town. It’s a code word for BDSM meet and greets.

  • richard eddland

    Hello Ms. Courtney…

    You are such a great, beautiful sensual Soul!

    Am not having success connecting with Your new site, though it may be my own computer problems.

    Just wanted to make sure that site is available as i am very interested and will keep trying. Thanks!


  • Courtney

    Awww, thank you, Richard! What kind of problems are you having with the site? Perhaps you could go to and get some assistance? I am looking forward to visiting with you!

  • J

    hey quick question before a try:
    are the calls recorded and do any of these sites ever send you anything via email, text, or mail? thanks.

  • Courtney

    Absolutely not! LDW is very, very respectful of our callers’ privacy and never contact you unless you request it. Our calls are between you and me, only.

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