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My Schedule

This is my schedule. When we are traveling (my partner and I live full-time in our motorhome) I have to stray from it but usually not for long. If I am going to travel, my most recent blog post will show my availability for that time period, but once we set up camp, I’m back to my regular schedule, for the most part.  Be sure to see my optional pre-session questionnaire!

Every Day:  4:30 pm eastern (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) until around 11 pm eastern (sometimes sooner, sometimes later)

Please note:  

These times are just guestimates, I may be on earlier, stay later, or be on during the weekend.  It’s best to check and see if I am available, or, conversely, if you would like to speak with me at any time outside of my posted regular working hours, feel free to email me to set-up an appointment. I only schedule appointments for half-hour or longer sessions.

I do take breaks, but these are my posted hours of availability.  I almost always tell the dispatchers when I am returning, if I plan to sign back on after a break. 

4 comments to My Schedule

  • Bis sistah, you had better be getting your beauty sleep and by the way your trip to new orleans had better be exciting and fun and glorious. Be sure to have the best time of your life.

  • Jim Davis

    Hi Courtney,

    You once mentioned the possibility of me being a male lesbian. Can you explain what that is.



  • Howd

    I would like to arrange a session. Will you p;lease contact me. I will be available until about 2:
    Do I need to answer the questioneer before?

  • No, not at all! If you want to, though, it does help me make your session even better! I’m sorry I missed you yesterday. Hopefully we can catch up soon!

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