Pre-Session Questionnaire

Hi there!  This is an optional questionnaire that will assist me in crafting the most mind-blowing experience for you.

If you would like, just copy and paste these questions into an email. Please do not answer as comments here on the blog or send them via IM. If you are not sure how to copy and paste, just email me the answers. I would also welcome you answering the questions on the phone.

Take a few moments to think about your answers. Please only email the questionnaire to me ( just prior to a call.


1. What do you like to be called during our session?

2. On which site did you first see my profile?

3. What was it about my profile or blog that prompted you to call me?

4. What would you like to explore today? (Please give a general idea such as: forced bi, sissification, cock control, guided masturbation, etc..)

5. Does your fantasy involve roleplay? If yes, what did you have in mind? (Please be general.) Also, if you hate roleplay, please say so.

6. What actions or words would completely turn you off during our call?

7. What actions or words would turn you on? List the main ingredients that would either:

A. Make your cock rock hard.

B. Make your pussy soaking wet and make your clit dance up and down.

8. Will you have any special clothes or toys during our call? If so, what are they and how do you like to use them?

9. Will you be on your webcam during this call? (please specify your Yahoo Messenger username if I don’t already know it)

10. How much time can you spend on this call?

11. Does this call involve orgasm denial? If so, do you want to cum at the end of the call or leave it up to me?

12. Any additional comments or considerations that I should be aware of?

13. If you would like to call at a particular date and time, please specify that as well.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.  I am looking forward to our session!  😀