About Me

I know that many of you are devout Mistress Courtney followers, and that you know all about me, so this page is for those of you who are new to me and this blog. 🙂

I am here to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

I am bisexual and live with my female lover and partner, Will (short for Wilhemina).  In October of 2016 we sold our McMansion on four acres and got rid of everything that wouldn’t fit in a 37 foot motorhome and hit the road!  We are sticking mainly to the American Southwest for the time being, venturing down in Baja California, Mexico now and then.  We are using my parents’ temporary home in Southern California as a home base, but we are traveling as much as possible.  Don’t be alarmed, however, I DO take calls while I am parked at scenic locales throughout the Southwest!  Because we are either traveling or staying as guests in the homes of friends and family, my schedule can be pretty erratic.  I am going to do my best to communicate with dispatch about when I can be expected, but that does vary subject to my location.  Also, depending on where I am staying, I may not be able to have screaming orgasms, however, I will make sure you do!  😉

I love, love, love what I do.  It is my pleasure and honor to hear about your kinks, quirks, fetishes, sexual tastes and history.  I feel that by providing a safe place for you to be yourself (in that moment, whatever that might mean for you) from a sexual and/or submissive standpoint, that you will then be able to go forward into the world and be a better you.

I am a true, lifestyle female supremacist. Those are not just words to me, it is how I live my life. It is my core belief that women are far superior to men and that women should be served and worshipped by men.

In addition to being a Mistress, I also write grants for social programs for at-risk youth.

As a grant-writer, I believe in charitable giving. I give at least 10% of every dime that I make as a Mistress to non-profit agencies, particularly those who address issues pertaining to women and children.

My partner, Will and I have a few friends real-time who have morphed into wonderfully submissive sissy slaves.

I graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Sociology and a double minor in Women’s Studies and Human Sexuality.

I weigh around 128 pounds and measure 36-23-36.

I have been an online Mistress since 2004 (although not with LDW until 2007).

I sound very sweet and caring on the phone, don’t be fooled. I am a thinking Mistress, who is respectful and demands that in return. My dominanting style is to find out what makes you tick and work from there. I have a little saying that I am quite fond of, “If you give me the keys, I’ll drive.”

If you desire a strong/strict Mistress, you need to let me know that up front. I can be quite diabolical, but don’t pull that card out unless I think you can handle it and/or want or need it. Otherwise, I tend to go sensual, as my Mama always told me you can draw more flies with honey than with vinegar. 😉 If I come on very strong and strict, and you want sensual, it’s difficult to go back to sensual from that strong place. However, it is not difficult at all to ratchet things up from sensual to strict and beyond.

I am a gemini. My birthday is May 23rd. My favorite colors are periwinkle, saffron and olive green. My favorite music genres are jazz and blues, however I would classify my tastes overall as eclectic. I read mostly non-fiction.